You know the risk... It's reputation, relationships, ego, dollars and cents.

Right Now, You Are Opening A Window Of Great Opportunity As Well As An Incinerator Of Cash... Every Second Counts.

Traditional methodology of customer acquisition will cost start-ups upwards of $1.5 Million in year one…

Some Costs For You To Consider As You Prepare To Go-To-Market:

  • Recruiter - $20,000 / per hire

  • Sales-Team - $1.2M (1 Sales / 1 SE/ 1 Implementation Engineer)

  • Channel Person - $250,000 (with expenses)

  • Marketing - $50,000

  • Trade Shows - $50,000

  • Sales Tools- $25,000

  • Office space - $50,000


Technology BreakTHRU Drastically Reduces Your Exposure & Costs While Delivering Greater Results

Now Consider This...

  • What if you hire the wrong team?

  • What if you don't pivot fast enough?

  • What if you spend your precious time and resources on the wrong features?

  • What if you don't have a defined target market prior to hiring a Sales-Team?

  • What will your financial investors do?

  • How much are you willing to dilute your shares when you are forced into another round of funding?

  • How long will the capital you have (on hand) last you?

Technology BreakTHRU Accelerates Your Ability To GENERATE REVENUE! 

Make Sure You Come Out On Top, By Building A Strong, Viable, And Sustainable Business. Technology BreakTHRU Can Show You The Way!

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