Starting-Up A New Company, New Product, or A New Service Offering?


It’s A Numbers Game With A 90% Chance At Failure.



  • Odds are terribly stacked against start-ups

  • Odds are terribly stacked against venture capitalist’s

  • Odds are terribly stacked against ‘early’ employee’s

  • Products are being developed with good intentions, but little direction

  • Over 90% of all start-ups fail


  • Technology BreakTHRU takes the mystery out of Go-to-Market so you become ‘market-wise’ ASAP

  • Technology BreakTHRU Validation Reports provide an HONEST and realistic view into your state-of-the-union

Nothing sugar-coated, nothing skewed - just reality, as perceived by Expert Advisors (IT buyers and decision makers).

  • Investments must be 3rd party validated to chance of success, and increase # of portfolio wins

  • Hire the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons

Develop the right product, with the right features, for the right market, sell at the right price, with the right team, at the right time!

Time is money. Technology BreakTHRU reduces the time it takes for you to generate revenue.


Our mission is to ensure you BreakTHRU!

When should you BreakTHRU?

The time is now! The sooner you validate, the sooner you can accelerate! Don't waste time developing a solution that isn't quite sellable - yet... Don't waste money hiring a sales team that will be limited in their customer reach, and are not experts at sharing relevant & UNBIASED feedback with executive teams.

It takes time to hire, train, prospect, negotiate, build a channel, learn your competition, and hopefully close a deal. How much feedback is the management team getting during that time? Is the data helpful? Is it real? 

Do you have $1M and infinite time to gamble before you truly know your market potential? 


Get Further. Faster.